The ancient town of rye is steeped in maritime history, but we are only concerned with what it's like to keep a boat here either short or long term. First to many new comers there is confusion about Rye Harbour and Rye. Rye Harbour is a village, its located west side of the tidal Rother, it has two pubs, a shop, lifeboat slip, sailing club, nature area and a caravan park. Looking to the east across the tidal Rother on the opposite bank from Rye Harbour (the village) is the Harbour Masters office , Rye Golf Club and Camber Beach. Rye Harbour is reached by turning off the A259 west of Rye on to Harbour Road, the drive down Harbour Road is about 2 miles and take you through a mix of industrial development. The slip is used for launching trailer boats and fees are charged. Don't park your car near the estuary on the tidal side of the flood wall near a spring high tide or you will get wet feet.

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    The picture above shows the wooden light house (circa. 1939) that used to stand roughly where the new harbour control office is now located.

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    Rye Harbour is the first bit of activity you will see when you approach from sea, new visitors are expected to call in to harbour office before proceeding up the estuary.

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    Watch out for the traffic signals to alert mariners of shipping movements off the tiny wharf at Rye Harbour.

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